Q?What is included in my rental?

Your studio rental includes the time you have selected (1 hour minimum, extendable in 1/2 hour increments) plus access to all backdrops, flooring, seating and props.

In addition, a creative assistant will be available to assist you during your session with backdrop set up, change out and general studio management.  Our assistance also will help to get everyone to look at the camera and say CHEESE!

Q?Is set up and take down time outside of my scheduled studio time?

No.  Your studio time includes set up and take down time, so please plan your time with us accordingly.  We typically have clients coming in immediately following your scheduled time, so please be sure to be mindful of the time and be punctual with existing the studio.

Our creative assistants will help you with time checks throughout your booked time to ensure you have notice when you are close to the end of your session.

Q?Can I bring my own backdrops, flooring & props?

Absolutely!  We only ask that you let us know what you will be brining in when fill out our pre-session questionnaire so that we know what we need to do during your session to assist you and provide you with the best and most efficient session.

Q?Do you have Dressing Rooms?

We do have dressing areas that are are available for changing and primping. We have one restroom and some of our studios also have doors that can be closed for a quick change.

Q?Do you have private spaces?

We do have private spaces that can be used for more intimate photo sessions. Please contact us when booking for this type of session and we will ensure we have a space and environment to accomodate your needs.

Q?Are you pet friendly?

Yes. We do welcome all members of your family and your pack! Your little pet friends need to be leashed and controlled when you are in the studio. Dangerous pets are not allowed in our space for the safety of our staff and clients. Please use your best judgement or contact us if you have special pet needs.

Q?Will you actually take the pictures?

If you are renting the studio and need someone to take a few shots with your camera so you can be in the group or family shots, we do this with our creative assistance.

If you are looking for someone to come and take and edit your photos for the entire session, we have a directory of photographers that are available to come in and take pictures in our studio space. We are a studio rental that teams up with photographers to provide a creative and innovative space to capture your moments. Visit our directory.  We are also listed in the directory and can provide photographic services to you depending on your needs and photographic style.


Q?Do You Provide Tours?

We do provide tours by appointment only (to make sure that we don’t disrupt any sessions).  Please book a time to come in by visiting our studio rental page and selecting
 Studio Tour & Free Creative Consultation

Q?Do I Need to be a Professional to Rent a Studio?

Our studios are for EVERYDAY PEOPLE – that means you!  All types of photographers are welcome and all types of cameras are acceptable!